"Cézon, a jewel in the heart of the Aber Wrac'h": Publication of our book!

We had this project in our drawers for a long time, and are delighted to announce that we are there: The book "Cézon, a case in the heart of the Aber Wrac'h" was released!

Conceived with the help of six students of the IUP heritage of Quimper, this book reveals the history and secrets of Cézon and its fort. Returning to Vauban's work, his role in defending the coast, the daily lives of the inhabitants of the fort, and his more contemporary history, the book plunges you into the intimacy of the island…

To buy our book, nothing simpler:

  • Visit one of our sales outlets in Landéda (useful, BZZT, the Cafe du Port, the Ty Room Workshop) or Lannilis (centre Leclerc, Maison de la Press),
  • Participate in ad hoc sales according to the activities of the association (e.g. the heritage days on 15 and 16 September),
  • Or attend a guided tour.

The sale price of this book is 12 euros, support price for the association and preservation of our heritage. If this book has convinced you of the need to save the fort and you are ready to join us in this beautiful mission, you will find on our site the different ways to help us!

We want to thank all the people who took part in the design of the book, and wish you a very good reading! Once you have devoured our book, all you have to do is visit the island in Flesh and blood: Check out our guided tours!

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