€10,000 Sunday, July 25: it's possible!

We have always said that the way more important us than the result but let's enjoy the 2016 heritage days were a true popular success. The result is there and this is to say that it is huge. We were a few a few months ago, we are more than one hundred now have rolled up our sleeves, proud employees and happy to know this jewel of the Abers, and horizons that we want to achieve. There were almost 900 visitors this weekend, including 701 Sunday! And we have now 21 additional members, 180 in total.

Thanks, encouragement, smiles and astonishment, the "You're a great team," "it's amazing what you have done for a year" swell we energy.

TO be a TOTAL success, there that we can open the paths of the future with serenity, and for that we are missing a few ways. We started a crowdfunding operation but we have not yet reached our goal. The end of the operation is next Sunday and we are confident that we can succeed. Will you give us reason?

We at €4,000 of donations and we have a few days to triple the bet! We really miss a boat and essential materials to advance the work this winter. And're also missing us what balance our 2016 budget. We need for this 10,000 euros. Thanks to you we can succeed.

Donations are tax-deductible to 66% for individuals. A bargain?

Want to join the first 45 donors and expand the list we will spread in our next newsletter? Then go now or in any case before Sunday next to the site of our partner dartagnans: https://dartagnans.fr/fr/projects/sauvons-la-tour-de-fort-cezon/campaign

We rely on you.

Next Sunday at the latest.

The cezonniens team.

Save the Tower!

Save the Tower of Fort Cézon!  Beautiful, built by Vauban is threatened. Participate in the financing of its restoration.

A few minutes are enough to support our action:

Thanks in advance. 115 Volunteers Association

Note: Donations are defiscalisables

Walls seen from aircraft


Discover the island Cézon, a remarkable place with its history, its beauty.

We rehabilitate this magnificent maritime and cultural heritage at the mouth of the Aber Wrac'h ' hours to discover and make a space for artistic creation, encounters and cultural walks, experiments and sharing of knowledge.

Learn 12 pages that we did in 2015 and we're going to do this year: report of Assembly General 2016 (Posted February 28).

Our first declared supporters come from the Conseil régional de Bretagne and the Ministry of Culture. We expect of others.


It is with the participation of all as we move well. And there is what to do. We are almost a hundred members. This tells you to join us?

A first simple gesture: subscribe to our Newsletters by using small forms below, left, or well by going to the page "bring your stone to the building"

Very soon.

The Cézon team

Une île, un fort, des histoires