Cézon and the Heritage Mission of Stéphane Bern

National recognition

Fort Cézon is one of 269 projects selected from 2000 French sites in peril. The fortunate elect will be supported by the "Heritage in danger Mission" carried by Stéphane BERN!

This is, for us, a magnificent recognition of our approach and of the reality of the heritage, territorial and cultural value of Fort Cézon!

It is a lever to reinforce the notoriety of our action, to welcome new partners and supporters, who are the guarantors of the sustainability and the culmination of our ambition as well as to develop our project of restoration and Requalification of the Fort.

and concretely?

The heritage at risk mission will be funded by a portion of the Heritage Lottery's gains, next September:

  • Twelve million copies of scratch games put on sale from 3 September 2018
  • A special draw of the Super lotto of 13 million euros on Friday 14 September 2018
"Mission Heritage" Scratch games

Thanks to these games, the French games expects that 15 to 20 million euros will be allocated to the specific fund of the Heritage Foundation for the preservation of the heritage at risk, and will therefore be distributed among the 269 project holders, with priority the 18 So-called emblematic monuments. We are not part of it but we can still hope for a serious boost.

In addition to these games, a great campaign of donations "together, Save Our Heritage" is launched by the Heritage Foundation: to help Fort Cézon, it is here!

"Write his island…" In Cézon!

Want to discover the abers otherwise? Register for the nomadic and poetic writing workshop organized by the Association Cézon, the Médiatèque Ecume des Mer in Landéda and the Coopérative 109. The workshop will be hosted by Leonor Canales, actress and director of the company "A Petite Step".

This Friday, 13 July, in the framework of the programme "Les Îles", will take place the workshop "write his island", reserved for 13 people, of at least 15 years.

The start will be from the Landéda library at 9.30 am and the suite will be on Cézon. In the evening, written words will be returned at a meeting open to the public, at 6.30 pm at the Media Library. Don't forget your picnic!

A Friday for a day exploring the meanders of Cézon Island with 13 travelers, with only companions your notebooks and pencils!

Contact the Media Library at 02 98 30 83 85 to reserve your seat.

We offer 2 civic service missions

We propose two missions of animation and mediation of the heritage, during 6 or 8 months. Together with the members of the association and the employees, the volunteer will take part in different actions.

Mission 1: Tourist and cultural animation

  • reception of the public individually or in groups
  • guided tours, great games
  • preparation of events

Mission 2: Animation of volunteer sites

  • welcoming volunteers in the different building activities
  • stewardship, material organization
  • visitors' reception

To find out more and apply: https://www.service-civique.gouv.fr/missions/animation-culturelle-et-mediation-du-patrimoine-a-lile-cezon

In spring everything is revived!

They went through the gardeners in March… Not even afraid of the rain.

They were ironed by the carpenters, put the sanitary facilities back in place.


And then they arrived…  45 Navy youth in voluntary military Service with their 9 supervisors, end of April! A huge stroke of hands and arms, and also of the heart, for two days.


As much to say that with all these shipyards, spring has started strong on the island and gives us rhythm for the year that begins.

From May onwards, we open the fort every week for the "Thursdays in the Works".  You want to be?

And if you want to register for the international summer stays,

In July it is not here: https://www.rempart.com/participer-a-un-chantier/rechercher-chantier-benevoles-restauration-patrimoine/session/1438_fort-de-lile-cezon-1/

In August it is this way: https://www.rempart.com/participer-a-un-chantier/rechercher-chantier-benevoles-restauration-patrimoine/session/1439_fort-de-lile-cezon-2/




Vive 2018! General Mobilization!

We entered the flat in 2018, the future pulls us by the channel! Our first appointment is the General Assembly. The time to share our successes (there were many in 2017), and our solutions. The time also to debate a vision for the future for 2018 and beyond.

It will be like always a dynamic moment, where we seek to be as concrete as possible.

See you on Friday, February 23rd at the Aber Wrac'h in the UCPA conference room. It's open to everyone.

  • 18h30 – Home and (re) memberships
  • 19:00-Extraordinary assembly: change of Statutes
  • 19H20-Ordinary assembly: balance sheet 2017, orientations 2018
  • 8.30 pm-Aperitif: The association offers to drink, each one brings a tiny nibbles to share

In order for the debates to be alive and to keep the timetable, we will not enter into all the details of the various and varied reports. On the other hand you can discover them in extenso here: KIT of the participant-AG 2018

Support the future! Make a donation.

than the way it has travelled for almost three years, especially in recent months. Follow our news in our newsletters "info Cézon", archived to the right of this article.

The heart is big like that, we count a lot of hands and now we move on two legs: the restoration sites and the animations of all kinds, cultural, artistic.

The enthusiasm and the volunteer energy are supported by many public supporters or from local businesses but it is not enough and we call on each of you to transform the essay, to concretize our future projects:

  • The edition of a brochure of 40 illustrated pages,
  • The purchase of materials indispensable for the works, the reception of the visitors and the artists: Barnum, bleachers, Sono, concrete mixer …
  • The coaching of volunteers for the initiation of the heritage professions
  • … And of course the restoration work of the Fort

We launch a double campaign:

  1. To finance cultural action, purchase of materials, volunteer work,
  2. (through the Heritage Foundation) to finance the work carried out by companies.

Your donations are eligible for a reduction in income taxes (66% of your donation in tax reduction) or on corporations (60%).

It's all simple, just click left on the button ← make a donation

Don't hesitate.

Download the documents:

Autumn is in full swing

Summer is behind us, with all the good memories of deployed energy and unforgettable encounters.

Autumn is rich in the color of the foliage but also work and activities on the island and outside, with schools and the cooperative 109, with the Quimper IEP students who concoct a brochure, with local tourism stakeholders, with the network Rampart, etc.

In fact there is still to do… but we are not necessarily available to communicate as we should.  That we forgive us. Soon, you will receive a new issue of our "news of Cézon". To subscribe, simply click on the right button at the top left of this article

Otherwise, it is always possible to follow our activities on Facebook.

2018 is looming on the horizon. We need a little ways for the future, to fund our work and our activities.  Your support is invaluable. Thanks in advance to those who wish to make a donation to the association. Do you know what which? Click on the button below and you will learn more

Nice day!

The heritage days… Morning sickness!

Command us the tides. This year, the heritage days will play on two mornings. Welcome to you!

  • Saturday 16 from 8:00… off the island at the latest at 10:20
  • Sunday 17 from 8:40… off the island by at 11:50.

Come early, do not wait the last time to enjoy this magnificent site. You can have lunch on site (coffee-the-chocolate-bread bread butter jam) from 4 euros, to support the cause.

Sunday, the course will be marked by artistic interventions of the cooperative of artists 109.

End of August: participatory site open to all

Enter the dance. Monday 21 to Friday 25 August, join for a day or two (or more if affinities!) the team of volunteers for work of masonry, various crafts, preparation of the heritage days.  There is not need to have skills, only to do with others.

The day lasts from 09: 00 to 17: 00 approximately, but we stop for lunch. Depending on the number of registrants, we will consider the modalities for the meal (served on site or shared picnic).

Those who participate can sleep on the island in tent or in a bunker turned into dorm.

If you are interested, do you know the or by e-mail: contact@cezon.org

End of season for wall construction

Since July 17, two sessions of rampart construction took place on the island. Each group of 15 volunteers was able to work on and the vicinity of the barracks of the second empire who are at the entrance of the fort.

The ground has been disbursed and cleared away, a beautiful pavement is now visible around the exterior walls of one of the barracks and the foundations of old poles poteurs inside have been updated. All the displaced stones have been carefully sorted and set aside.

Then the second group mounted a scaffold around a fire and began to crystallize from the walls with a mixture of lime and sand. The end result is pretty amazing, the work provided in a month now allows to have an other look at this part of the fort.

Thanks to all the volunteers of the two sessions, but also to Anthony, Fanny and Vincent who have framed the life and work on the island for a month. Meeting the year next to other rampart yards. Meanwhile, 2018, and to end the summer, a local participatory project will take place from 21 to 25 August. Come and participate! Masonry and preparation of the heritage to the program days!


Une île, un fort, des histoires