An area of nature

The Cézon island lies in Landéda, near the Sainte Marguerite dunes, 300 metres from the shore. It is accessible at low tide (see access to foot dry).

From the top of the Tower, we have a magnificent 360 ° view on the entrance of the aber Wrac'h ' h.


Cézon is located in a natural Site and in Zone Natura 2000, in the heart of an emblematic ecosystem, the Abers, on the edge of the largest fields of algae in Europe. The insularity of the island, its natural character and its proximity to the coast make it a place of attraction which we want to preserve the integrity.

Its vegetation is today very (too) strongly composed of prunelier and ferns that suffocate the original lawn. His reconquest of this lawn aerohaline is part of our project.

In the current state, the fortified part of the site is not open to the public on a permanent basis because it is dangerous. We will contain them little by little with our volunteer projects.

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Une île, un fort, des histoires