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European Heritage Days on The Island of Cezon – Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 September

"Marée obliges", Fort Cézon will be closed on The Days of Heritage Days but will open its doors the following weekend, under the sign of "Arts and Entertainment":

Saturday and Sunday: Musical entertainment.

Sunday: "Sand Fort" workshop: small and small you can learn the principles of bastioned fortification. 1/40th scale, on the beach of Cézon, facing the island, under the advice from the "ingenious" association 1846.

Free visit. Drinks and pancakes on site.

Saturday: open 10am-2p
mSunday: open 10.

Sale of brochures and "Cézon" T-shirts.

Pirate's night. This Sunday, August 11th. RV at 8:00 p.m. on the beach.

Cézon Island celebrates the return of its pirate!

And to kick off the festivities: an open-air Ciné-Concert, to the sound of percussion, saxophones, flutes and piano, on the film "The Black Pirate " by Douglas Fairbanks and Alfred Parker. Bloody pirates, treasure, captive princess, big-hearted heroes, spectacular collisions … Come in disguise!

The film is set to music "live" by The BJURSTR-M CINETRIO of the Black Pirate:

  • Francois Malet. Percussion
  • I'm Rob Lavers. Saxophones, flute
  • Christofer Bjurstrom. Piano, flutes

7 – full fare. 5 – reduced fare – reservation recommended at the tourist office on 02 98 04 94 39 – Pirate disguise d
esired. Meet at 20:00 on the beach in front of the island to cross all t
ogether. Walking from 8:45 p.m. So you have 1 hour to enjoy the setting and sunset, eat a pancake and have a drink. 
The Ciné-Concert starts at 9:45 p.m.

Back at night, don't forget to bring a torch. 

Tell us?

You have known Cézon Island for a long time or you have been visiting for a few hours, for the day or while staying: we invite you to complete our questionnaire.

It is available on the island in print and online by following the following link:

reCe questionnaire allows us to consult you to refine our project for the future and better understand the site's attendance, the impacts our future activities as well as some of the expectations of our visitors.

If you haven't yet had the opportunity to come to the island, consider checking out the days and schedules of guided tours HERE and the artistic and cultural programming offered HERE

The summer site season is approaching in Cézon!

Like every summer, we organize two sessions of "International Shipyards", for people over the age of 18.

Session 1: from July 15 to July 26. It is practically close, but there are still a few places.

Session 2: from 28 July to 29 August. Places are still available.

We welcome a maximum of 20 people on each of the sessions.

  • 15 places are reserved for people wishing to register for the entire stay. Registration is via our REMPART network.
  • 5 places are reserved for people wishing to register for the day. In this case the registration is made directly with the Association Cézon.

This year's program: clearing, clearing, small masonry, jointing, framing, carpentry. And you can also introduce yourself to the accompaniment of guided tours.

If you want to know more and/or be part of the adventure for 13 days, it's here: session 1:
sion 2:

2/If the dates don't suit you, the REMPART network is vast and it There are many other beautiful sites to discover.

In April, don't lose the wire

The exhibition "nomadic laces" carried out by the "3 link Weers" is open to the public until May 19, if at least 10 people have registered beforehand with the tourist office 02 98 04 94 39-admission at free price.

April T
uesday 30:08:50-10:45

May W
ednesday 1:9:15-11:45 T
hursday 2:9:40-12.50
p.m. Friday 3:10:10-13h
20 Monday 6:11H-45-15h1
0 Tuesday 7:12:20-15:
45 Wednesday 8:13H-16h
20 Thursday 9:13:50-
17h Friday 10:15h-17h30
Saturday 11:16h20-18:1
5 Sunday 12:6pm-7pm 1
5 Wednesday 15:8h30-11h
20 Thursday 16:9H-12
:20 Friday 17:9:45-13h15
Saturday 18:10h30-14h
Sunday 19:11:10 am-14:40

February 22: General Assembly… Not ordinary

Are you curious about our action, or would you like to get involved?

We will give you an appointment on Friday 22 February from 18:00 in the conference room of the UCPA. It does not commit to anything

Come and meet the members of the association and exchange around all the projects in progress or to come. There are a lot of novelties in 2019.

It will be fast and tonic:

  • 18:00: Reception for (re) memberships
  • 6.30 pm: General Assembly
  • 20:00: Final Pot

If you want to take the time to read what we experienced in 2018 or what we want to do in 2019, go to the "Our Activities" tab, you will find the activity report and the orientation report

No no, to Cézon we do not become goats

The Cézon Association is looking for a volunteer in civic SERVICE

We are looking for our next, E. Volunteer in Civic service. Its mission will be to develop the cultural and tourist animation project of Cézon Island and its fort.

The volunteer will participate in various activities of communication, animation and administrati

on:-Communication with the local population and partners,-rece

ption of different audiences on the site of the island Cézon: population, visitors, schools, Patrons, etc., in individual or i

n groups,-Animation of guided and semi-guided tours, general or thematic, major games of mediation around the historical and natural Heritage

,-organization of artistic or cultural events,-rec

eption of Volunteers for the various activities of rehabilitation or valorisation of the heritage: inscription, memberships, stewardship…

For more info, it's here, or at 02 29 00 41 39.

It's cooking!

Winter is there but we do not stay our winters and it does not chôme in the kitchens!
We have a lot of pots on fire, there will be something to feast on in 2019: various and varied participatory projects, great cultural programming, installation of welcome materials, New edition of our brochure, etc., etc.
On Friday, 22 February, at 6 p.m., it will be the time of our General Assembly. Already remember this appointment to enter the New Year's dance!