(Possible) future actions

We have established an "inventory of the possible", whose implementation will be done gradually, at the discretion of the creation of spaces "between the walls" of the Fort, that we will achieve essentially via volunteer sites.

And many heard means that we can mobilize


  • Scrub
  • Secure access
  • Consolidation of the Tower, walls
  • Repointing of the walls
  • Creation of areas of activity and facilities for the reception of persons

Heritage and intercultural exchange

  • Guided tours (intra and extra Muros) theme: history and environment
  • Ballads with themes (discovery of algae, lichen…),
  • Conferences
  • Audio course
  • Demonstrations, re-enactments
  • Enrichment of the document database in connection with local libraries, resource centres
  • Participation in national or European (environment, heritage, archaeology)
  • Educational workshops in conjunction with heritage (gastronomy, gardening, comic, etc)
  • Track games
  • Meetings between sites "Rampart" (international sites) volunteers and the local population
  • Concerts, festivals
  • Hosting of events initiated by partners
  • Home of hikers (walkers, kayakers)

Creation and artistic dissemination

  • Artists residencies (performing arts, writing, reading, sculpture, digital art, painting, photography, cinema, crafts, design drawing) with the "Cézon seasons.
  • Cultural diffusion: performance art, out of homes, concerts, shows, festivals
  • Indoor or outdoor exhibitions
  • Support for artistic creation
  • Experimentation with new forms of relationships between place, artists and citizens
  • Dating, work involving art and culture professionals, artists, citizens,
  • Networking of artists
  • etc

Training and research

  • Reception of training, trainees in the fields of history, architecture, landscape, performing arts, local development, etc,.
  • Training of volunteer guides, greeters specialized Cézon and surrounding area
  • School projects
  • Workshops (ex: architecture, landscape, heritage,…)
  • Various experiments (ex: Cooperation with training for projects in a real situation)
  • Participatory observation of biodiversity, water quality
  • etc

Une île, un fort, des histoires