February 22: General Assembly… Not ordinary

Are you curious about our action, or would you like to get involved?

We will give you an appointment on Friday 22 February from 18:00 in the conference room of the UCPA. It does not commit to anything

Come and meet the members of the association and exchange around all the projects in progress or to come. There are a lot of novelties in 2019.

It will be fast and tonic:

  • 18:00: Reception for (re) memberships
  • 6.30 pm: General Assembly
  • 20:00: Final Pot

If you want to take the time to read what we experienced in 2018 or what we want to do in 2019, go to the "Our Activities" tab, you will find the activity report and the orientation report

No no, to Cézon we do not become goats

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