The success of Heritage days

The European Heritage Days 2018 were a great success for Cézon, we welcomed nearly 1300 people!

Attendance figures are "historical". We had to open the doors even before the tide had discovered the Ford as the visitors flocked to the beach of Cézon and began to cross "with wet feet"!

The visitors, very often local, told us of their joy to discover this island which seemed to them mysterious although known to all or their surprise by discovering the progress of the sites. Thanks to Heritage days (and the Lotto), the Fort is gaining notoriety and making the local history known to everyone.

On Saturday, visitors were able to enjoy the performances and installations of the artists of the Coopérative 109:

  • Catherine Le Flochmoan has read excerpts from the play "Blockhouse" by Alexandre Koutchevsky, which she will stage next season in Cézon, with those who wish (if you are interested, do not hesitate to write to us now),
  • Hughes Germain introduced us "The Look of the sea"… ", a camera obscura created in situ specially,
  • Christofer Bjurström Enchanted the island with its electronic flute,
  • Leonor Canales came with Marilyn to liven up the esplanade where pancakes and cakes were served.

On Sunday, Kevin Wright and Olga Bystram transported visitors to a jazzy island, simply with a voice and 6 strings of guitar.

The weekend was also a success thanks to the participation of members of the Association Jardin Archipelago who presented their work and animate the vegetable garden all year round, as well as at the Landé'tour, organized by the Association EOL de Landéda, whose playful stroll And music allowed many walkers to visit Cézon.

A happy weekend on Cézon so, which can also be summed up in pictures:


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