Cézon and the Heritage Mission of Stéphane Bern

National recognition

Fort Cézon is one of 269 projects selected from 2000 French sites in peril. The fortunate elect will be supported by the "Heritage in danger Mission" carried by Stéphane BERN!

This is, for us, a magnificent recognition of our approach and of the reality of the heritage, territorial and cultural value of Fort Cézon!

It is a lever to reinforce the notoriety of our action, to welcome new partners and supporters, who are the guarantors of the sustainability and the culmination of our ambition as well as to develop our project of restoration and Requalification of the Fort.

and concretely?

The heritage at risk mission will be funded by a portion of the Heritage Lottery's gains, next September:

  • Twelve million copies of scratch games put on sale from 3 September 2018
  • A special draw of the Super lotto of 13 million euros on Friday 14 September 2018
"Mission Heritage" Scratch games

Thanks to these games, the French games expects that 15 to 20 million euros will be allocated to the specific fund of the Heritage Foundation for the preservation of the heritage at risk, and will therefore be distributed among the 269 project holders, with priority the 18 So-called emblematic monuments. We are not part of it but we can still hope for a serious boost.

In addition to these games, a great campaign of donations "together, Save Our Heritage" is launched by the Heritage Foundation: to help Fort Cézon, it is here!

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