"Write his island…" In Cézon!

Want to discover the abers otherwise? Register for the nomadic and poetic writing workshop organized by the Association Cézon, the Médiatèque Ecume des Mer in Landéda and the Coopérative 109. The workshop will be hosted by Leonor Canales, actress and director of the company "A Petite Step".

This Friday, 13 July, in the framework of the programme "Les Îles", will take place the workshop "write his island", reserved for 13 people, of at least 15 years.

The start will be from the Landéda library at 9.30 am and the suite will be on Cézon. In the evening, written words will be returned at a meeting open to the public, at 6.30 pm at the Media Library. Don't forget your picnic!

A Friday for a day exploring the meanders of Cézon Island with 13 travelers, with only companions your notebooks and pencils!

Contact the Media Library at 02 98 30 83 85 to reserve your seat.

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