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than the way it has travelled for almost three years, especially in recent months. Follow our news in our newsletters "info Cézon", archived to the right of this article.

The heart is big like that, we count a lot of hands and now we move on two legs: the restoration sites and the animations of all kinds, cultural, artistic.

The enthusiasm and the volunteer energy are supported by many public supporters or from local businesses but it is not enough and we call on each of you to transform the essay, to concretize our future projects:

  • The edition of a brochure of 40 illustrated pages,
  • The purchase of materials indispensable for the works, the reception of the visitors and the artists: Barnum, bleachers, Sono, concrete mixer …
  • The coaching of volunteers for the initiation of the heritage professions
  • … And of course the restoration work of the Fort

We launch a double campaign:

  1. To finance cultural action, purchase of materials, volunteer work,
  2. (through the Heritage Foundation) to finance the work carried out by companies.

Your donations are eligible for a reduction in income taxes (66% of your donation in tax reduction) or on corporations (60%).

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Download the documents:

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