Autumn is in full swing

Summer is behind us, with all the good memories of deployed energy and unforgettable encounters.

Autumn is rich in the color of the foliage but also work and activities on the island and outside, with schools and the cooperative 109, with the Quimper IEP students who concoct a brochure, with local tourism stakeholders, with the network Rampart, etc.

In fact there is still to do… but we are not necessarily available to communicate as we should.  That we forgive us. Soon, you will receive a new issue of our "news of Cézon". To subscribe, simply click on the right button at the top left of this article

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2018 is looming on the horizon. We need a little ways for the future, to fund our work and our activities.  Your support is invaluable. Thanks in advance to those who wish to make a donation to the association. Do you know what which? Click on the button below and you will learn more

Nice day!

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