End of season for wall construction

Since July 17, two sessions of rampart construction took place on the island. Each group of 15 volunteers was able to work on and the vicinity of the barracks of the second empire who are at the entrance of the fort.

The ground has been disbursed and cleared away, a beautiful pavement is now visible around the exterior walls of one of the barracks and the foundations of old poles poteurs inside have been updated. All the displaced stones have been carefully sorted and set aside.

Then the second group mounted a scaffold around a fire and began to crystallize from the walls with a mixture of lime and sand. The end result is pretty amazing, the work provided in a month now allows to have an other look at this part of the fort.

Thanks to all the volunteers of the two sessions, but also to Anthony, Fanny and Vincent who have framed the life and work on the island for a month. Meeting the year next to other rampart yards. Meanwhile, 2018, and to end the summer, a local participatory project will take place from 21 to 25 August. Come and participate! Masonry and preparation of the heritage to the program days!

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