After a participatory site with local volunteers, beginning of July, they are volunteers from across France and abroad which are worked on the island for 10 days. Like last year, we welcome two sessions of a fortnight of international workcamps in connection with union Rempart.

In addition to installing portable toilets and wooden structures for storing gear, volunteers work on clearing and repointing of the barracks of the entrance to the fort. Despite good weather with us, slightly fluctuating, the work is progressing well and a good atmosphere on the site!

West-France happened this week for a ride on the island and has published a nice article, published Tuesday, July 25 in Britain page.

A second local participatory project will be held from 14 to 25 August. Come help us one or several days, possible accommodation on the island and meals served on-site, with a small contribution requested.  Various works are on the program: removal, masonry, repointing and repairs. Deuit ' your!

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